Browin 801013 Multifunctional Cheese and Yoghurt Device

Browin 801013 Multifunctional Cheese and Yoghurt Device

Browin 801013 Multifunctional Cheese and Yoghurt Device

Yoghurt is a healthy and delicious idea for a breakfast or snack. It constitutes an excellent source of easily absorbed calcium and has a positive impact on the gut flora. It is a food product the consumption of which is also recommended to children during the phase of their intensive growth. Yoghurts constitute a perfect base to which it is enough to add fruit or grain products in order to create a quick full-value meal. Therefore, if you value your own health and that of your close ones, you care for your figure, or you just want to avoid chemical with chemical additives and unnecessary preservatives, this yoghurt maker will allow you to prepare them quickly and simply at home!


Intended for various dairy products

This device will be of use when preparing homemade natural yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, vegan yoghurt out of soy milk, cottage cheese, and kefir.

Possibility of adjusting the work time

The yoghurt maker is fitted with a timer that can be used for easy and quick programming of the device work time within the range from 1 to 48 h so that it matches the product intended to be prepared.

Temperature adjustment

The precision temperature controller included in the device allows setting the right maturation temperature for yoghurt, cottage cheese, or kefir, within the range from 20°C to 55°C, and controlling the whole process.

High quality

The device is very quick and reliable, as well as beautifully and aesthetically designed. It will fit any kitchen perfectly. A yoghurt maker can also make an excellent gift!

Homemade yoghurt = less plastic waste

Using a yoghurt maker is very environmentally friendly and contributes to reducing the amount of plastic waste produced, as ready-made yoghurt and kefir available at stores usually comes in plastic packaging.


  • Heating device dimensions: width with ears – 19.5 cm; height – 17.3 cm; outer diameter – 16.4 cm; inner diameter – 13.3 cm
  • Container dimensions: height – 13.7 cm; inner diameter – 12.5 cm
  • Screen dimensions: height – 9.4 cm; inner diameter – 13.7 cm
  • Cover dimensions: height – 5.5 cm; outer diameter – 16.1 cm
  • Whole product dimensions: width with ears – 19.5 cm; height – 21 cm; outer diameter – 16.4 cm
  • Cable length: 85 cm
  • Packaging dimensions: 21.5 cm x 17.3 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make Greek yoghurt with this device?

Yes, you can make both natural yoghurt and Greek style yoghurt with this device.

Can I make vegan yoghurt with soy milk?

Yes, you can make vegan yoghurt using soy milk or other plant-based milk alternatives.

Is the device easy to use?

Yes, the device is very easy to use. Simply program the work time and temperature according to your recipe and the electronic display will allow you to supervise the yoghurt maturation process.


The Browin 801013 Multifunctional Cheese and Yoghurt Device is a versatile and convenient tool for making homemade yoghurt, cottage cheese, and kefir. With adjustable work time and temperature, you can easily prepare various dairy products according to your preference. The device is quick, reliable, and beautifully designed, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen. By making your own yoghurt at home, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack while reducing plastic waste from store-bought yoghurt packaging. Invest in this yoghurt maker and take control of your health and the environment!