Creative Inspirations Photo Mats – Enhance Your Picture Display

Creative Inspirations Photo Mats – Enhance Your Picture Display

Creative Inspirations Photo Mats – Enhance Your Picture Display


Preserving and showcasing your cherished memories is made easier with the Creative Inspirations Photo Mats. This pack of 25 pre-cut 8×10 mats is specifically designed for 5×7 pictures, providing a perfect fit and enhancing the overall presentation of your photographs.

Main Features

  • Acid-Free White Core Bevel: The mats are made with acid-free materials to ensure the long-term preservation of your pictures. The white core bevel adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your display.
  • Pre-Cut Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of cutting mats yourself. These mats come pre-cut to the standard 8×10 size, allowing you to easily insert your 5×7 pictures without any additional effort.
  • Backing Board: Each mat is accompanied by a sturdy backing board, providing support and protection to your pictures. This ensures that your photographs remain flat and secure within the frame.
  • Clear Seal Protector Sleeves: The included clear seal protector sleeves offer an extra layer of defense against dust, moisture, and fingerprints. Your pictures will stay clean and pristine, maintaining their original quality for years to come.
  • Whitenan: The mats are available in a beautiful white color, adding a clean and timeless aesthetic to your picture display. The neutral tone complements a wide range of photographs and home decor styles.

Why Choose Creative Inspirations Photo Mats?

When it comes to preserving and showcasing your precious memories, the Creative Inspirations Photo Mats offer unmatched quality and convenience. Here are some reasons why you should choose them:

  • Professional Presentation: The acid-free white core bevel and pre-cut design give your pictures a professional and polished look, making them suitable for both personal and professional displays.
  • Easy to Use: With the pre-cut 8×10 size, inserting your 5×7 pictures is a breeze. No need to spend time and effort on cutting mats yourself.
  • Long-Term Protection: The acid-free materials, backing board, and clear seal protector sleeves ensure that your pictures are safeguarded against damage, preserving their quality for years to come.
  • Versatile: The mats’ white color and classic design make them versatile for various picture types, including family portraits, landscapes, artwork, and more. They seamlessly blend with any home decor style.
  • Value Pack: With 25 mats included in each pack, you have an ample supply to frame multiple pictures or create a cohesive gallery wall. It’s a cost-effective solution for your picture framing needs.


Elevate your picture display with the Creative Inspirations Photo Mats. Designed to fit 5×7 pictures, these pre-cut 8×10 mats offer a professional and elegant presentation. With acid-free materials, backing boards, and clear seal protector sleeves, your cherished memories will be protected and beautifully showcased for years to come. Choose Creative Inspirations Photo Mats and enhance the way you display your pictures.