Ferplast Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats upto 8 Kg ATLAS 20 OPEN

Ferplast Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats upto 8 Kg ATLAS 20 OPEN

Ferplast Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats upto 8 Kg ATLAS 20 OPEN

Size Name: M

The pet carriers Atlas Open by Ferplast are the ideal products if you have to travel with your dog or cat on the most common means of transport. Made of sturdy plastic, they feature a useful opening roof with plastic-coated steel grid which allows the visibility of your friend and also ensures better ventilation inside the container. The upper opening also allows you to easily insert your pet inside the transport box. The side walls are also equipped with ventilation grills. The door of the carrier can be closed from the outside by means of special clips to avoid unpleasant accidental opening during the journey. The ergonomic handle on the top lets a secure grip and easy movement. Safe and reliable, these carriers for pets are easy to assemble by means of solid snap-on side hooks. They are supplied complete with plastic feeder and soft washable cotton cushion. The pillow, available in assorted patterns, will be shipped according to the availability in stock. The range proposes different models: Atlas 10 and 20 Open, suitable for small dogs or cats, Atlas 30 Open recommended for small dogs or large cats. Choose the model to suit your pet’s size. Maximum capacity: Atlas 10 Open 5 Kg, Atlas 20 Open 8 Kg, Atlas 30 Open 12 Kg.

Box Contains

  • Dog Carrier
  • Rigid Carrier For Cats And Dogs, Opening Roof, Ergonomic Handle And Safe Side Hooks That Also Allow Easy Opening
  • Made Of Plastic With Upper Grill And Plastic-Coated Steel Door
  • Designed To Travel With Your Friends On The Most Common Means Of Transport (Car, Train, Ship, Plane)
  • Large Ventilation Grilles For A Well-Ventilated Environment
  • The Carrier Is Easy To Assemble And Disassemble For Cleaning
  • Including Plastic Feeder And Washable Cotton Cushion
  • Cushion Included Available In Different Patterns, Will Be Shipped According To Stock Availability
  • The Colour Provided May Therefore Not Match That Of The Photo
  • The Range Of Carriers Atlas Open Carriers By Ferplast Includes Different Models. Atlas 20 Open Is Suggested For A Cat Or A Small Sized Dog. Maximum Capacity: 8 Kg

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum weight capacity of the Atlas 20 Open carrier?
  2. Are the carriers suitable for both dogs and cats?
  3. Can the carrier be easily cleaned?
  4. Is the cushion machine washable?
  5. Can the carrier be used on airplanes?


The Ferplast Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats upto 8 Kg ATLAS 20 OPEN is a reliable and convenient solution for traveling with your pets. Its sturdy construction, opening roof, and ventilation grills ensure the comfort and safety of your furry friends. The carrier is easy to assemble and clean, and it comes with a plastic feeder and washable cotton cushion. Choose the Atlas 20 Open model for cats or small-sized dogs, with a maximum weight capacity of 8 Kg. Travel with peace of mind knowing that your pets are secure and comfortable in the Ferplast Carrier.