Hayabusa T3 LX Italian Leather Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 LX Italian Leather Boxing Gloves

The Next Generation Of Kanpeki: T3 LX

The best boxing gloves in the world are now handcrafted with luxurious full-grain Italian leather. Renowned for its incredible wrist support, the T3 design provides the best hand padding on the market. T3 LX offers a customized, secure fit using dual straps that supports proper, more powerful punches. Awarded “Best Boxing Gloves” by Men’s Health Magazine, it’s time to find out why.

Package Contains:

  • Two (2) T3 LX Boxing Gloves. One(1) for each hand.


  • Luxurious full-grain Italian leather
  • Splints keep your wrists aligned
  • Multi-layer foam for the best knuckle support
  • A perfect, lace-like fit every time without the hassle
  • Lining that stays fresh for longer


The rich aroma, smooth texture, and timeless look all evolve with use. The more you train with T3 LX, the more it will develop a patina and character that is unique to you.


Our exclusive T3 design supports and performs. Its splinted foam structure provides additional support for your wrists to promote proper hand alignment while you train.


Our custom foam layering design was support and last. Each layer of foam has a purpose when it comes to cushioning impact force. The optimal inner core for this glove was developed in collaboration with top universities.


Our T3 LX Boxing Gloves are hand made by experienced artisans using premium materials. Expert craftsmanship, building techniques, and finishes ensure every glove meets the Hayabusa standard.


Interior: use a water-dampened washcloth to wipe away oils and dirt, which can accumulate during use. Open fully to dry. Exterior: leather conditioners & oils not recommended, as this can trap moisture in the leather, causing premature breakdown. The surface can be washed using a water-dampened washcloth. A mild saddle soap may be employed; however, we caution that this may alter the color of the leather.


The Hayabusa T3 LX Italian Leather Boxing Gloves are the epitome of luxury and performance. With their handcrafted full-grain Italian leather, superior wrist support, and multi-layer foam, these gloves provide the ultimate protection and comfort for any boxer. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the T3 LX gloves will exceed your expectations. Experience the difference and unleash your true potential with the Hayabusa T3 LX Italian Leather Boxing Gloves.