Hiipoo Sublimation Paper 8.5×14 Inch

Hiipoo Sublimation Paper 8.5×14 Inch

Hiipoo Sublimation Paper 8.5×14 Inch

Are you looking for high-quality sublimation paper for your printing needs? Look no further! Introducing the Hiipoo Sublimation Paper 8.5×14 Inch, the perfect solution for sublimation printing on various surfaces.

Key Features

Our sublimation paper is specially designed to work with sublimation ink and E Sawgrass inkjet printers. With its 8.5×14 inch size, it provides ample space for your designs. Whether you’re printing on mugs, t-shirts, light fabric, or other sublimation blanks, this paper delivers exceptional results.

High-Quality Prints

Experience vibrant and long-lasting prints with our sublimation paper. The 125G weight ensures that the paper can handle the sublimation process without smudging or bleeding. Your designs will come out sharp, vivid, and full of detail.

Easy to Use

Our sublimation paper is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and professionals. Simply load the paper into your E Sawgrass inkjet printer, apply the sublimation ink, and transfer your design onto the desired surface. The paper’s quick-drying properties ensure efficient printing and minimal waiting time.


With a pack of 110 sheets, our sublimation paper offers great value for money. You can print multiple designs without worrying about running out of paper. Whether you’re a small business owner or a hobbyist, this pack will last you a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this sublimation paper with any inkjet printer?

No, this sublimation paper is specifically designed for use with E Sawgrass inkjet printers. It is also compatible with sublimation ink, ensuring optimal results.

2. Can I use this paper for dark fabric?

No, this sublimation paper is recommended for use with light fabric. For dark fabric, we recommend using a different type of sublimation paper specifically designed for dark colors.

3. How long does it take for the prints to dry?

Our sublimation paper has quick-drying properties, allowing the prints to dry within minutes. This ensures efficient printing and reduces waiting time.


Upgrade your sublimation printing experience with the Hiipoo Sublimation Paper 8.5×14 Inch. Enjoy high-quality prints on various surfaces, including mugs, t-shirts, and light fabric. With its compatibility with sublimation ink and E Sawgrass inkjet printers, this sublimation paper is a must-have for any printing enthusiast. Get your pack of 110 sheets today and start creating stunning designs!