KKPOT Furniture Movers & Lifter – 4 Pack 3 Wheels Steel Furniture Dolly Set

KKPOT Furniture Movers & Lifter – 4 Pack 3 Wheels Steel Furniture Dolly Set

KKPOT Furniture Movers & Lifter – 4 Pack 3 Wheels Steel Furniture Dolly Set


Most of the time, it is more difficult for one or two people to move a medium or large piece of furniture. Not enough energy? The edges of the furniture hurt your hands? Now you have a chance to choose this furniture lifter and roller set. With it, you can effortlessly move furniture from one place to another, so you can rearrange furniture and move them out of the way for better cleaning.

Quality Material

This furniture lifter and moving tool set includes a lifting device and 4 sliders. The furniture lift crowbar is made of durable steel, coated with PVC handles, and has a non-slip design. The sliders for moving furniture are made of thickened and durable iron body and ABS non-slip pads that will not damage the furniture. Moving heavy furniture and other items becomes a breeze.

Protect Your Floor

Ensuring that furniture and floors are not damaged is definitely a primary consideration. The small wheels are made of rubberized plastic and will not harm the floor. Our furniture moving system lift kit is your best friend.

Good Mobility & Safety & Stability

Well-built roller casters and lifting arms. 360-degree swivel function appliance rollers with very good maneuverability, the wheels can be easily moved, you can easily move furniture in any direction and clean it.

Applicable to all furniture

The furniture moving tool is suitable for heavy furniture and household appliances in your home, even small machinery. Use them for your beds, sofas, coffee tables, nightstands, stone benches, cabinets, refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, bookcases, piano tables, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much weight can the furniture lifter and sliders handle?

The furniture lifter and sliders have a maximum load capacity of 1100 lbs/500 kg.

2. Are the sliders safe for all types of floors?

Yes, the sliders are made of rubberized plastic that will not damage your floors.

3. Can I use this furniture moving tool for small machinery?

Absolutely! This tool is suitable for heavy furniture, household appliances, and even small machinery.

4. How easy is it to maneuver furniture with this set?

The roller casters and lifting arms provide excellent maneuverability, allowing you to easily move furniture in any direction.

Make your furniture moving experience a breeze with the KKPOT Furniture Movers & Lifter. With its high-quality material, floor protection, and good mobility, you can effortlessly move heavy furniture and appliances without any hassle. Say goodbye to backaches and damaged floors. Get your set today!