Toys Studio Giant Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Animals for Girlfriend or Kids 47 Inch (Light Brown)

Toys Studio Giant Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Animals for Girlfriend or Kids 47 Inch, (Light Brown)

Toys Studio Giant Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Animals

For Girlfriend or Kids 47 Inch, (Light Brown)

Welcome to Toys Studio House

If you are a teddy bear lover, then you are welcome to our love lodge. Here we will introduce our products in detail. I hope you enjoy shopping!


Our teddy bear has a lovely appearance, of course, as your long-term playmate, we are also special in the production of the heart, to ensure his safety and comfort, to bring you a pleasant feeling. I hope that our happiness and love in making teddy bears can be passed to you through it. It makes life more colorful.

Teddy Bear Manufacturing

Our teddy bears are hand-made. We firmly believe that through the use of our hands, we can transmit temperature more. Our workers are a group of cute bees.

Teddy bear’s skin uses soft plush, high-quality fillers, and highly elastic PP cotton. Redesign. The facial expression is really cute and has a bow, it is more close to humanity.

Teddy Bear Function

Our teddy bears are very cute. You can either give them as gifts or collect them.

  • If you are a boyfriend, then you can give our teddy bear as a gift to your girlfriend, let it convey love to her and accompany her.
  • If you are a mother or a father, you can give it to your child as a gift and let it stay with your child while you are busy, so that she is no longer alone.
  • If you are a child, you can also give it to your parents to express your love.
  • Of course, you can also send it to friends or add it to your own collection.

Teddy Bear Care

For good health, we should regularly wash our teddy bears. This way you can keep it cute.

  1. Hand wash, machine wash
  2. The necessary measures to be taken according to the size when cleaning, small can be directly into the washing machine, soft wash, dry, and then you can gently tap the teddy bear to make it fur, stuffy fluffy and soft. Large toys can find zipper seams, remove the filler, then put the outer skin into the washing machine, dry.

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Size: 47inch

Material: stuffed animals plush and PP cotton

Cute, soft, and perfect teddy bear for hugging and snuggling.

It’s a best friend to accompany and share.

Soft and cute stuffed teddy bear pillow toys for girls, boys, children, girlfriend, and Children’s Day, Christmas Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween Day.

Lovely stuffed teddy bear pillow toys are handmade, good quality, great design, and cheap price.

When you are not at home or when the child is sad, the child can share something with it and make him feel relaxed and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash the teddy bear in a washing machine?

Yes, you can wash the teddy bear in a washing machine. For small teddy bears, a soft wash and dry cycle is recommended. For larger teddy bears, you can remove the filler and wash the outer skin separately.

2. Is the teddy bear suitable for gifting?

Yes, the teddy bear is perfect for gifting. Whether you want to give it to your girlfriend, child, or friends, it will surely bring joy and love.

3. Are the teddy bears handmade?

Yes, the teddy bears are handmade with love and care. Our workers put their heart into creating these adorable plush toys.

4. What materials are used in the teddy bear?

The teddy bear’s skin is made of soft plush, and it is filled with high-quality and highly elastic PP cotton. This ensures that the teddy bear is soft, huggable, and durable.

5. Can the teddy bear be a companion for children?

Yes, the teddy bear can be a great companion for children. It provides comfort and companionship, especially when the child is feeling sad or lonely.

Thank you for visiting Toys Studio House. We hope you find the perfect teddy bear for yourself or your loved ones. Shop now and spread love with our adorable plush toys!