XTOOL InPlus IP508S OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

XTOOL InPlus IP508S OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

XTOOL InPlus IP508S OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

Introducing the XTOOL InPlus IP508S, the newest advanced version of the OBD2 scanner code reader. With its full OBD2 functions and 9 reset services, this diagnostic tool is designed to make repairing easier and more efficient. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the IP508S is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

Key Takeaways to Choose XTOOL InPlus IP508S:

  • Full OBD2 Functions & Check Engine Light
  • 4 Main System Diagnostics & Live Data in Text/Graphing & Turn off Related Warning Light
  • 9 Common Reset Functions
  • AutoVin & Auto Scan
  • Additional Features
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage (Both OBD2 AND EOBD)
  • Android 10.0 System
  • 5” Color Touch Screen
  • Rugged and Ergonomic Housing
  • One-Click Updates with Wi-Fi & Lifetime Free Updates

[Keeping You Out of the Repair Shop]

The XTOOL InPlus IP508S OBD2 Scan Tool is designed to help diagnose faults without the need for a trip to the dealership. Whether you are a home mechanic or a novice, this tool can point you in the right direction for repairing. It offers a DTC Lookup Library, diagnostic functions for the 4 major systems, check engine light on, 9 common special functions for car maintenance, emissions tests, and more.

[9 Hot Service Functions]

The XTOOL IP508S car service tool covers 9 popular special functions that are widely needed by car owners. These functions include throttle reset, ABS auto bleeding, injector coding, steering angle sensor adjustment, oil light reset, EPB, TPMS reset, BMS reset, and more. Please note that the functions may vary by vehicle, so it is important to check the compatibility before use.

[Perform 4 Vital System Diagnostics]

The XTOOL IP508S offers a complete analysis of the four main systems including ABS, SRS, Engine, and Transmission. It allows you to read and clear codes, retrieve freeze frame data, view live data stream, and check warning lights. This compact and easy-to-use car scanner is perfect for novices, home mechanics, weekend DIYers, and enthusiasts.

[Live Data Stream for Graphical Display & Data Record / Playback / Export]

With real-time data stream, the XTOOL IP508S can help optimize engine performance and diagnose certain repairs. It provides engine information in text/graphing format, including temperature, RPMs, fuel injection rate, and more. You can track and graph up to 8 different data streams simultaneously. Additionally, you can record and playback live data stream, and export the data to a CSV file for further analysis.

[Full OBD2 Functions & Wide Vehicle Coverage]

The XTOOL IP508S is capable of full OBD2 functions, including reading and clearing DTCs, retrieving freeze frame data, reading live data, and performing component tests. It supports most vehicles with OBD2 and EOBD, but it is recommended to check the compatibility before use.

[Compact & Easy-to-use OBD2 Scanner Code Reader with Lifetime FREE Updates]

The XTOOL IP508S is an affordable and easy-to-use car diagnostic scan tool. It features one-click free updates with Wi-Fi, a smart and fast Android 10 system, a 5” touchable LCD, and a sturdy and ergonomically-shaped design. It is compact and lightweight, making it convenient to carry and use. It is a solid choice for those who need a tool capable of advanced OBD2 functions.

[2-Year Warranty & 24/7 Tech Support & Risk-FREE Purchase]

The XTOOL InPlus IP508S car OBD2 scanner comes with a 2-year US warranty and a promise of 30 days risk-free return and replacement. Our goal is to ensure that every customer receives the best possible services. If you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us immediately and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.